Hillary Clinton Short-Circuits Trump Drama By Announcing Participation In All 3 Debates

Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t giving Donald Trump a chance to chicken out on the presidential debates. The Clinton campaign has already announced that she will be participating in all three debates.

Here is the statement from Clinton campaign chair John Podesta:


The Clinton campaign isn’t going to play any of Trump’s games. Everyone knows the Trump playbook by now. At some point, Trump is going to try to create media attention and drama by threatening not to participate in the presidential debates. Trump has already laid the groundwork for his complaint by whining that two of the debates are scheduled on the same night as NFL games.

Trump wants to steal a news cycle or three.

He pulled the same stunt repeatedly during the Republican primaries. Trump was a master of threatening not to show up at debates, but the Clinton campaign has made it very clear that they aren’t going to play Donald Trump’s games.

The firm stance by Clinton on the debates is an example of why she is currently leading. The Republican Party made a huge mistake when they allowed Donald Trump to contest their primary election on his terms. The GOP got caught up in Trump’s insults, drama, tabloid feuds and tantrums. Trump’s ability to hijack the primary was the key to his success.

In the general election, Hillary Clinton isn’t playing along. She hasn’t gotten into silly insult battles or fallen for Trump’s attempts to create drama.

Hillary Clinton is the adult who is making angry toddler Donald Trump play by grown-up rules.

The Clinton campaign just cut Donald The Drama Queen off at the knees, and now the Republican nominee has no choice but to show up and debate Hillary Clinton.