Trump Tells Outright Lie During Economic Speech By Claiming Clinton Will Raise Taxes

Donald Trump’s economic speech in Detroit contained a giant outright lie about Hillary Clinton and taxes.

During his economic speech in Detroit, Trump said, “Recently, at a campaign event, Hillary Clinton short circulated, you know this, you’ve heard this one, Hillary Clinton short circuited again, when she actually told the truth and said that she wanted to raise taxes on the middle class.”

However, PolitiFact had two linguistics professors do an audio analysis of Clinton’s statement, and both experts concluded that Hillary Clinton said that she would not raise taxes on the middle class. PolitiFact concluded, “The Trump campaign said, “Hillary Clinton says she wants to, ‘raise taxes on the middle class.’ ” According to the transcript, numerous reporters, experts and a computer program, Clinton said the exact opposite.”

During the same speech, Trump also claimed that Obama raised taxes, when the reality is that the President is the biggest tax cutter in history.

Trump’s speech is nothing but a repacking of the same tired Republican tax proposals of tax cuts for the rich, and lies about the tax cutting records of Democrats. Trump is offering nothing new. It is more of the same old, same old from a candidate who has no polices, and a Republican Party that has no new ideas.