Elizabeth Warren Slams Donald Trump as a Two-Bit Dictator Who Can’t Stand Losing to a Girl

Donald Trump is a pathetic coward who makes death threats because he can’t handle losing to a girl.

So says Senator Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat from Massachusetts, who seems to know just how to get under Donald Trump’s very thin skin.

Warren was responding to Trump saying, “By the way, if she (Clinton) gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although, the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know.”

Warren also accused Donald Trump of sounding like a two-bit dictator, which seems right on:

Donald Trump is using the same tactics that have been allegedly successful for him in the building world, but of course the development world is quite different from politics. You are supposed to hide your thuggery in politics.

Donald Trump seems to be freaking out ever since it became clear that Hillary Clinton was beating him. Maybe Warren is right and the Bigly Macho Thug can’t stand the idea of losing to a girl. Seems right up his alley.