Larry Klayman Says Only Being Black Has Saved Obama From Impeachment

Insurrectionist Larry Klayman, who has long nourished dreams of overthrowing the Constitutionally-elected President of the United States, Barack Obama, and who has long and loudly proclaimed Obama to be a Muslim, not wants you to believe that only one thing has saved the president from impeachment: he is black:

“If he had been anything other than African-American…he would have been impeached and convicted by now.”

That’s right. Appearing on the Steve Malzberg show over at Newsmax, Klayman railed against the man he proclaimed 2015’s “Muslim of the Year”:

“Look, he’s half-Muslim, he associates with his father, he wrote a book extolling the virtues of his father … so he feels some affinity for Iran, and he’s acted that way at the expense of Israel. They’re now on the verge of nuclear weapons if they don’t already have it. And it’s totally consistent with his, frankly, anti-Semitic behavior and anti-Israeli behavior for the last seven years.”

The levels of delusion to be obtained by Klayman here are breathtaking: After years of Republicans trashing Obama to foreign powers and even undermining the president with foreign leaders on Capitol Hill, Klayman took offense at President Obama criticizing Trump in front of a foreign leader.

According to Klayman, Obama is a “traitor” because he called out Trump for his erratic and demagogic behavior. By that logic his Republican pals in Congress are traitors too but Klayman has never been one to let facts get in his way:

“Now, suppose Donald Trump actually wins the election. What has he done? He’s undercut the United States. This man, frankly, is a traitor to our country. If he had been anything other than African-American — and I don’t mean to cast aspersions on African-Americans, we have many colleagues that are that way and actually stand for really good values — but he would have been impeached and convicted by now. He’s a traitor to this country, Steve, and we’ve seen it over and over again and this is the latest example of it.”

Right. Because a bunch of racist white guys in Congress didn’t impeach Obama because he is black. They haven’t impeached him, obviously, because he has done nothing they can impeach him for. That hasn’t stopped them from obstructing him every step of the way, or suing him, or, like Klayman, talking insurrection.

More amusing yet, isn’t it Trump who is always going on about the evils of political correctness? So here we have a president declining to be politically correct and called Trump out for what he is – a dangerous demagogue. And Klayman takes offense.

Obviously, “political correctness” isn’t the real issue here, and the facts are plain: President Obama’s blackness has actually hurt him, and far from fostering racist sentiment, he has been the victim of it at the hands of people like Klayman himself. The idea that being black has saved Obama from being punished for crimes he didn’t commit in 2016 is the definition of insanity itself.