People Walk Out On Donald Trump At Rally After He Threatened Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump held a second rally after he encouraged his supporters to shoot Hillary Clinton, and something odd happened. While Trump was speaking, a steady stream of people got up and walked out.

Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post tweeted this video of people streaming out of Trump’s rally, while he was still speaking:

It would be an odd coincidence if people just happened to walk on Trump for a completely unrelated reason at the rally after he suggested that his supporters could use the Second Amendment to stop her from nominating Supreme Court justices as president.

Here is a video of the same crowd chanting lock her up, but notice the empty seats:

The full backlash of Trump’s remarks is not yet known, but it is clear that the Republican nominee has crossed a line at the same time as more Americans are paying attention to the election. If people walked out on Trump 26 minutes into his usually disjointed and unfocused one man monolog because they realized that this guy isn’t fit to be president, it would be an encouraging moment for our country.

The fact that Donald Trump isn’t captivating crowds like he used to is a big red flag for the Republican Party. America got a dose of the full Trump today, and it is enough to make anyone sick and head for the exits.

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