On Top Of Threatening Clinton’s Life, Trump Encouraged Republicans To Commit Voter Fraud


On top of threatening violence against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump urged his supporters to commit voter fraud/election fraud by claiming that Hillary Clinton supporters are going to vote fifteen times.



At a rally in North Carolina, Trump said:

So, and by the way, and by the way, voter ID. What’s with voter ID? Why don’t we have voter ID? In other words, I wanna vote. Here’s my identification. I wanna vote. As opposed to somebody coming up and voting fifteen times for Hillary. Well, I won’t tell you to vote fifteen times. I will not tell you to do that. Ok? You won’t vote fifteen times, but people will. They will vote many times.

Here is the signal that the Republican nominee was sending his supporters. Now, Trump isn’t telling his supporters to vote fifteen times (hint, hint). Hillary Clinton’s supporters are going to voting fifteen times (hint, hint), but Trump isn’t going to tell his supporters to commit voter fraud (hint, hint).

There is no proof that voter fraud is happening. Voter fraud was a myth dreamed up by Republicans as an excuse to pass voter ID laws that make it more difficult for people to vote. Voter ID laws reduce turnout and skew the electorate in favor of white Republicans. The only way that Donald Trump will win the White House is if the electorate is made up of conservative white voters. This is the real reason why Trump and his party want voter ID laws.

Donald Trump isn’t telling his supporters to commit voter fraud/election fraud, but they should be aware that according to him Hillary Clinton supporters are doing it, so Trump supporters would be justified if they committed voter fraud/election fraud. Trump never told his supporters directly to do it, but bringing up the subject he is putting the idea in their heads that the presidential election is being stolen from them, and they must do something about.

Donald Trump threatened the life of his opponent and nudged his supporters towards cheating in the general election, not only on the same day but at the same rally.

Trump is so far gone that his overt attempt to undermine the nation’s electoral process has gotten completely lost in the fact that the Republican nominee is calling for violence against his opponent.

The point being that on top of all the threats that Donald Trump poses, one of the most overlooked is the threat that Trump poses to our electoral process.

No matter how one looks at it, Donald Trump represents a threat from within that this country hasn’t been seen in modern American politics.