Trump Continues To Lose Support As New Poll Shows Kansas In Play For Hillary Clinton


The list of red states turning purple has grown in recent weeks as Donald Trump’s campaign continues to implode and Hillary Clinton expands her national lead.

Add Kansas to the list.

In a new SurveyUSA poll of Kansas that was released Tuesday night, Clinton only trails Trump by five points, 44 percent to 39 percent. In 2012, then-GOP nominee Mitt Romney carried the state by 22 points.


According to SurveyUSA:

Trump holds just 74% of the Republican base. Clinton holds 87% of the Democratic base. Among strong Republicans, Clinton gets 4% of the vote. Among strong Democrats, Trump gets zero percent of the vote. Among very conservative voters, Clinton siphons 11% of the vote. Among very liberal voters, Trump siphons 2% of the vote.

The survey also showed that Clinton supporters in Kansas are voting for her, while Trump supporters are casting their vote against the Democratic nominee:

Just 39% of Trump supporters are voting “for” Trump. 60% of Trump supporters are voting “against” Clinton. In contrast, 66% of Clinton supporters are voting “for” Clinton. 31% of Clinton supporters are voting “against” Trump. 50% of Trump supporters say they vote for Trump “enthusiastically,” compared to 63% of Clinton voters who vote for her “enthusiastically.” 46% of Trump supporters vote for Trump “with reservations,” compared to 35% who vote for Clinton “with reservations.” Of those voting for the Libertarian Johnson, 35% are voting “for Johnson,” another 35% are voting “against Trump.”

Among voters focused on the economy, the most important issue in most elections, Trump and Clinton are essentially running even, with the GOP nominee picking up 42 percent of the vote and the Democratic nominee earning 41 of the vote.

The tightening race in Kansas comes as Clinton has taken a lead over Trump in Georgia and is in a virtual tie with him in Arizona.

In the previous poll of Kansas taken before the RNC, Trump held a lead of 11 points.