Donald Trump Is Inventing Imaginary Poll Numbers As Hillary Clinton’s Lead Grows

Donald Trump seems to be making up his own poll numbers, as he told supporters at a rally in Virginia that the polls are tightening when Clinton’s lead is growing.


During his rally in Virginia, Trump was complaining about his media coverage, when he said, “They give her a pass on everything. Give her a pass. It’s so sad when I watch that, and it was point after point after point after point, and everybody was saying wow, they’re really going to do it, and then they go however. As I heard, you know when you hear the word however, but it’s just so incredible that a thing like that could happen. So, let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens. In the meantime, we’re doing very well. You saw the polls over the last day or two have really tightened up a lot.”

The polls over the last two days have shown Hillary Clinton leading by 6-10 points. Trump is inventing his own reality.

In fact, Trump’s campaign is in such a bad place that red states like Georgia, Arizona, and Utah are in danger of turning blue for the first time in decades. Trump is showing that he is not acknowledging the reality of his situation.

The Republican Titanic is sinking while Captain Trump continues to insist that the iceberg doesn’t exist.