Hillary Clinton Annihilates Trump For Casually Trying To Instigate Violence

Hillary Clinton rebuttal to Donald Trump’s call for violence against was an effective devastation that simultaneously supported her argument for why she should be the next president.

Video clip of Clinton in Iowa:

Clinton said:


Hillary Clinton has taken another reckless and dangerous Donald Trump statement and used it as proof of why the Republican nominee is unfit for the White House. On top of everything that Hillary Clinton said, imagine Donald Trump as president starting a war with one of his unscripted off the cuff comments.

Donald Trump is not fit for the office that he is seeking. Clinton didn’t try to play the victim. She used Trump’s own words as evidence to support her case for why the American people can’t trust him with the responsibility of the presidency.

Clinton’s rebuttal was devastating because it was backed by more than a year of examples of Trump’s own behavior. This isn’t the “Clinton spin machine, ” or any other excuse that Trump wants to make for the negative fallout from his remarks. These are Donald Trump’s own words, and as Hillary Clinton said in Iowa, words matter.

A person who is reckless with his words will also be reckless with his power.

It is a simple point that destroys the entire basis for Donald Trump’s campaign.