MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki Explores The Growing Possibility Of A Clinton Landslide

After a successful Democratic National Convention and a slew of Donald Trump stumbles, Hillary Clinton has taken a pretty solid lead over the Republican nominee with less than 90 days until voters head to the polls.

As I wrote yesterday, a multitude of national and statewide surveys show voters abandoning Trump in droves.

On Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki reacted to these polls and explored the growing possibility of a Hillary Clinton landslide in November.


As Kornacki points out, Trump’s main path to the White House goes through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, three states where the Republican nominee is falling behind. In Pennsylvania, a must-win for the red team, Trump is trailing by double digits.

A failure to win either of those three states will likely lead to a Clinton victory.

“There’s worse news this week, though, for Donald Trump,” Kornacki said. “This week brought fresh questions about whether he can even hold those Romney states from 2012.”

The MSNBC wonk is referring to polling data out of states like Georgia, Arizona, and Kansas that shows Clinton either leading Trump or not far behind – a sign of just how poorly the spray-tanned buffoon is currently performing in even the reddest of states.

“All this talk about where Donald Trump needs to flip states from blue to red – well, he’s having a whale of trouble doing that right now,” Kornacki said. “But his situation is getting worse because Hillary Clinton could be on the verge of flipping a couple of red states.”

“If she can flip those states from red to blue, then you can forget about the rust belt strategy for Trump,” he added.

If these numbers hold, it’s entirely plausible that Clinton could end up with 356 electoral votes to Trump’s 182. If the Republican nominee loses more ground, that opens up the possibility of even more historically red states falling into the blue column – increasing Clinton’s edge by even more electoral votes.

“At a certain point, if you’re down 9 points or 10 points or 15 points nationally like Trump is now…your state-by-state path to electoral victory is going to be very narrow, maybe nonexistent,” Kornacki said.

This could all change, but Trump’s path to 270 electoral votes is looking tenuous at best.