No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Want To Abolish The Second Amendment

The political world is still reeling from Donald Trump’s comment yesterday that “Second Amendment people” should essentially take up arms against Hillary Clinton should she be elected president in November.

Even the U.S. Secret Service was compelled to comment on Trump’s despicable remark in this tweet:

While we’re all rightly appalled by the Republican nominee’s latest batch of inflammatory rhetoric, it’s also important that we examine what’s behind it.

The reason Trump opened his big mouth to incite violence against Clinton is because, as the spray-tanned buffoon repeated yesterday, “Hillary wants to abolish – essentially abolish the Second Amendment.”

That’s a lie – plain and simple.

To support that, we can examine actual policy proposals that Clinton hopes to enact as president, which would in no way violate the Second Amendment: universal background checks, preventing suspected terrorists from purchasing weapons, reinstating the assault weapons ban, and closing the “Charleston loophole” that allows licensed dealers to sell firearms even if a background check isn’t completed.

These are not attempts to “abolish” the rights of Americans; they are simply meant to keep people safer.

It’s why every independent fact-checking organization says Trump is lying when he accuses the Democratic nominee of wanting to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

On at least two separate occasions, PolitiFact has rated Trump’s claim as “False.”

report published by the fact-checking group in May stated: “We found no evidence of Clinton ever saying verbatim or suggesting explicitly that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment, and the bulk of Clinton’s comments suggest the opposite. She has repeatedly said she wants to protect the right to bear arms while enacting measures to prevent gun violence.”

When Trump repeated the claim in his acceptance speech at last month’s Republican National Convention, PolitiFact once again weighed in, giving the assertion another “False” rating. also busted the myth, saying, “Trump may choose not to believe what Clinton says, but the fact is there is no evidence that Clinton wants to ‘take your guns away’ or ‘abolish the Second Amendment.’ She hasn’t said that, and her gun proposals would not do that.”

The world may be outraged and somewhat distracted by Trump’s call for violence against his political opponent, but let’s not forget the lie that lives underneath his inflammatory rhetoric.

Hillary Clinton does not want to abolish the Second Amendment. Not even close.