NY Daily News Blasts Donald Trump, Says He Must Go

The New York Daily News blasted Donald Trump for his suggestion that Hillary Clinton should be shot if she wins the election, calling for Trump to end his campaign.

“Trump must go: Hinting at assassination is too much, even for him”, they write, under the front page calling for Trump to quit the race and if he won’t, for Republicans to abandon him “for toying with political bloodshed”.

“Donald Trump must end his campaign for the White House in a reckoning with his own madness, while praying that nothing comes of his musing about an assassination of Hillary Clinton.”

On Tuesday, Republican nominee Donald Trump said, “By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although, the Second Amendment people maybe there is. I don’t know.”

You can watch it here:

While many Republicans have come out against Donald Trump, Republican leadership remains cowardly backing the know-nothing birther who relies on intimidation and threats to get his way in the world of development and is now applying those same “skills” to his run for the White House.

Donald Trump is still denying he said anything wrong, and instead is blaming the media for his comments. The NRA is dropping millions to attack Hillary Clinton, having Trump’s back with disingenuous spin that leaves off the last part of what Trump said.

So it’s highly unlikely Trump will drop out. To drop out would require integrity and personal responsibility, and these are two traits sorely missing in Donald Trump. With the NRA clinging to Trump’s depravity as their last hope for continuing to make crazy profits for gun manufacturers and keeping Hillary Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices who might find that gun ownership also comes with responsibilities like not being a suspected terrorist, Republican leadership will fall in line with the NRA.

Courage and principle are nowhere to be found in the high offices of the Republican Party.

Image: NY Daily News cover