Trump Is Blaming Hillary Clinton For The Fact That He Called For Her Assassination

The Trump campaign is blaming Hillary Clinton for the Republican nominee’s comments that assassination would be an option if Clinton won the presidential election.

Here are the talking points that you can expect Trump surrogates to be using all over cable news today:


The talking points blame Hillary Clinton for the fact that Donald Trump called for her to be shot. Trump’s own words are now referred to as the “Clinton spin machine, ” and people who quote Trump’s own words are “Clinton lackeys.”

Trump surrogates will be repeating their gibberish about the Second Amendment, which makes absolutely no sense because Trump was talking about his supporters using the Second Amendment to prevent Hillary Clinton from appointing Supreme Court justices.

Nowhere in the talking points does the campaign disavow violence as a part of the political process. Instead, Donald Trump is inventing a new reality by pretending like his comment suggesting violence never happened.

It is almost sad that the Trump campaign is so delusional that they think they can use his remarks to help themselves with voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. For the record, Trump is trailing in Ohio, and getting crushed by double-digits by Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania and Virginia. The talking points reveal a candidate who is incapable of meeting the lowest thresholds for civilized human behavior.

Instead of taking responsibility for his statements, Trump is blaming Hillary Clinton. The Trump’s campaign is extending the negative publicity and making the fallout worse by sticking to this ridiculous Second Amendment cover story.

Hillary Clinton is not to blame for Donald Trump’s statements, but the voters should punish the Republican Party for giving their presidential nomination to this dangerous train wreck of a human being.