Trump Supporter Calls For Trump Tower Climber To Be Shot During CNN Interview


Just a day after Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton should be shot, Trump supporter Carl Higbie told CNN Wolf Blitzer that the Trump Tower climber should be shot with a tranquilizer dart and allowed to fall dozens of stories.

While appearing on CNN’s The Situation Room, Higbie said, “He’s climbing a building. It’s clear he doesn’t have any sense. Shoot him with a tranq dart and let him fall onto the bouncy pad below, and then take him into custody.”

Blitzer said that there was no guarantee that the climber would survive getting shot with a dart. Higbie then called the climber a stunt and said that people who do Hollywood stunts survive falls like this and that a man recently jumped out a plane without a parachute and survived.


Higbie’s comments came less than a day after Trump called for Hillary Clinton to be shot. Trump and his supporters appear completely incapable of learning anything.

This shouldn’t have to be said out loud, or written, but shooting the Trump Tower climber with anything is a very bad idea. Common sense and simple public safety rules suggest that the best course of action is to try to talk the climber down. If he doesn’t give up his quest, arrest him when he either reaches the top of Trump Tower or quits.

Shooting the Trump Tower climber is a reckless and dumb idea that is par for the course for the Donald Trump campaign.