Even Donald Trump Is Admitting That Hillary Clinton Could Win Utah

Things are so bad for him in Utah that even Trump is admitting that he may lose the reliably red state to Hillary Clinton.

Video of Trump’s speech to evangelical pastors:

Trump said:


Utah’s Mormon Republican base is never going to warm to Donald Trump. The Republican Party has managed to pick the one candidate in their entire field who is an insult to Mormons and all other people of faith.

The idea that Trump could lose in deep red Utah isn’t a Democratic fantasy. Trump really could lose the state, and it is stunning that a man who claims that he will win in blue states where he is virtually certain to lose is willing to admit that Utah is a posing a real problem for his campaign.

Donald Trump isn’t a man of integrity, values, or faith. His behavior is as un-Christian as a presidential candidate can get.

If Hillary Clinton were to win Utah, it wouldn’t be because of some great liberal swing in the state. If Utah goes blue for the first time since 1964, it will happen because Republicans nominated Donald Trump.