Hillary Clinton Just Used Michael Phelps and Simone Biles To Slay Donald Trump

During her speech on the economy in Warren, Michigan, Hillary Clinton used the success and courage of Team USA Michael Phelps and Simone Biles to call Donald Trump a coward.


Clinton said, “Trump may talk a big game on trade, but his approach is based on fear, not strength. Fear that we can’t compete with the rest of the world even when the rules are fair. Fear that our country has no choice, but to hide behind walls. If Team USA was as fearful as Trump, Michael Phelps and Simone Biles would be cowering in the locker room afraid to come out and compete.”

Trump has been so anti-America that Hillary Clinton now owns the flag waving patriotism issue. Clinton was able to take the success of the stars of Team USA at the Rio Olympics to devastate Trump.

Clinton’s point is that Donald Trump’s darkness and negativity is against the competitiveness and can do spirit that makes America great. Trump’s message isn’t that he has a vision that can make America greater, but that America sucks, and only he can fix it.

Hillary Clinton’s use of the USA’s Olympic success as a contrast to what Trump is selling is a visceral contrast that should strike at something deep in the American spirit.

Clinton was correct. America doesn’t back down from a challenge. The United States is not a country that hides behind walls. The Democratic nominee just uttered one sentence during her speech in Warren, Michigan that will resonate more with voter than a million Trump nicknames and endless lies.

Hillary Clinton is trouncing Trump because she is appealing to the good in America, because history has shown that when an election boils down to a choice between light and dark, voters prefer optimism to the dark pessimism being peddled by Donald Trump.