Hillary Clinton Offers Republicans Absolutely Nothing In Exchange For Supporting Her

Hillary Clinton isn’t moving to the middle to pick up support from Republicans. Instead, she is running even harder on the progressive agenda that she and Bernie Sanders built after the Democratic primary.

Full video of Clinton’s economic speech:

NBC News reported:
In her first major economic address since her campaign began actively courting the Republicans turned off by Donald Trump, Clinton made no major pivot to the ideological center.

Instead, Clinton reiterated several of the policy positions she adopted during her primary fight against Bernie Sanders, even while making a direct appeal to Independent voters and Republicans.

Clinton didn’t toy with entitlement reform or hint at grand bargains on deficit reduction. Instead, she talked about expanding Social Security, debt-free college, making corporations pay higher taxes, a public option for health care, raising the minimum wage, opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the concentration of wealth in “the top 1 percent.”

Hillary Clinton’s message is clear as a bell. She wants to win the White House and give Democrats back control of Congress. Donald Trump is imploding on a daily basis. She doesn’t have to give Republicans anything to win. The Obama coalition won in 2008 and 2012. Democrats are poised to win in 2016 without the help of Republican voters.

If Republicans want to support her, that’s fine, but she isn’t going to reward them for jumping off of Trump’s sinking ship.

Clinton’s speech illustrated the fact that the United States has moved to the left politically. The conservative point of view is no longer the majority on a wide variety of issues.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to move to the middle because most of the country is already in the space that she currently occupies on the political spectrum.

It is Donald Trump and the Republican Party who need to compromise and move. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to give Republicans anything, and her speech in Michigan revealed that she intends to give the GOP nothing.