Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump for Falsely Accusing Obama of Being the Founder of ISIS

In not-so-breaking news, we have fresh evidence that there is only one sane candidate in the 2016 election for president, and that person is former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton blasted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for inaccurately accusing President Barack Obama of being the founder of ISIS.

“The Islamic State existed before Obama’s presidency, replacing al Qaeda in Iraq in October of 2006, during the presidency of George W. Bush,” Hrafnkell Haraldsson explained this morning on these pages. This is a fact and it can’t be watered down by denying SOFA was signed by Bush or any other usual tactics. Although Bush’s decision to invade Iraq left the power vacuum that allowed ISIS to flourish, it is not accurate to blame him as the founder of ISIS either.

Hillary Clinton is right and she is also right that it is hard for people to maintain outrage at the level required by Donald Trump, who just days ago invited an assassination of Hillary Clinton.

But this tactic is a psychological war tactic, not to be ignored. By wearing people down, the perpetrator sets the stage for a total takeover.

So as exhausting as it is, people need to be willing to stay engaged and stay awake.

Donald Trump is a dangerous autocratic leader lying in wait to seize power. He will do anything it takes to get there, including lying so much that a collective press can’t keep up with him.

Pretty soon this election will be all about Donald, and that is another mistake. The public doesn’t care about policy very much but the press has to find ways to make it matter. We can’t allow Donald Trump’s tactics to derail us, troll us, to the extent that an entire nation ceases a discussion about policy or a debate about leadership all because one man is derailing the conversation with his dramatic, inflammatory lies at every turn.