Protester Interrupts Rally To Call Donald Trump ‘Putin’s B****’


A man was thrown out of a Trump campaign event in Kissimmee, Florida on Thursday after shouting about Donald Trump’s affection for Russia and, more specifically, Vladimir Putin.



“You love Russia,” the heckler shouted at Trump. “You’re Putin’s b****.”

The Republican nominee, who has become very low-energy since his poll numbers began to plummet, repeatedly told the protester “goodbye” before asking, “Where the hell did he come from?”

Not only was the protester’s comment funny, but it also hits on a larger truth about Trump – that he seems to admire Putin and favor Russia-friendly policies.

The Republican nominee has repeatedly praised Putin’s leadership abilities. Even when asked about the Russian government’s alleged killing of journalists, Trump said, “at least [Putin’s] a leader.”

The spray-tanned buffoon had also called Putin’s land grab in the Ukraine “so smart,” and his campaign went out of its way to remove anti-Russian language from the 2016 Party Platform.

None of this is all that surprising given the fact that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort spent over a decade as a pro-Russian lobbyist.

So, while stunts by protesters can often be laughed off, there is a great dose of truth in the message this particular one was trying to send to Trump.