GOP Strategist Freaks Out And Calls Trump A Republican Extinction Level Event

Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak freaked out over what he sees as Donald Trump “threatening the entire GOP and it could take a decade to erase the damage. We are looking at an extinction-level event.”

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Unless Donald Trump changes personalities or the “promised” October surprise from the Russian hacking is exploited by a media that has decided letting the Russians dictate a US election by illegal hacking is a good plan, Republicans need to start dealing with the Problem Named Donald.

The question now is how much can the NRA buy House Republicans out of Donald Trump’s mouth and more to the point, can the Republicans hang on to their slim majority in the Senate with Donald Trump trickling down the toxicity.

The problem for strategists like Mackowiak is that he is still giving advice to Trump and can’t understand why Trump won’t take it. The advice to lay low, in what way does this serve Donald Trump’s number one agenda? It doesn’t.

I might remind Republicans of Sarah Palin’s attempts to upstage Senator John McCain at his concession speech, and this time the Palin is the front-runner. Republicans have no control over Trump; that has been made very clear.

Mackowiak and his party are examining Trump and the problems with Trump and how he can win this campaign by laying low and shutting up. But what they should be doing is asking themselves how they got here – AGAIN – and how they can fix the fatal flaw that keeps giving them damaged, unstable, incapable people as candidates.

I would suggest that the many excuses Republicans have put forth to protect their party from consequences for all of these years are coming home to roost. At some point, you either have principles and grow up or you become Donald Trump.

The extinction-level event is not Donald Trump. Trump is the symptom of the extinction-level event. The extinction-level event is having policies that are not good for the majority of the country and using religion and division to sell those policies under a very damaged and no longer viable “family values” brand.