Mitch McConnell Is Sticking with Trump Even After Suggestion of Assassinating Clinton

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is still all-in with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, even after Trump falsely accused President Barack Obama of being the founder of ISIS and suggested that Hillary Clinton would be assassinated if she were to pick Supreme Court justices.

Speaking to the Middletown Chamber of Commerce, Senator McConnell said he still supports Donald Trump, even after his comments about Clinton.

“Believe me, voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton is easy for me — easy,” McConnell said, according to WFPL.

When asked what he thinks about his party’s leader, McConnell told reporters he was having a “Trump-free day, next question.”

The Associated Press reported that when Trump was asked about his ISIS founder comment, he pivoted to Hillary Clinton, “I’m hoping that we can make this election about Hillary Clinton. I think if we do, we can win.”

The Republican Majority Leader added that Republicans keeping control of the Senate were very dicey, saying, “I may or may not be calling the shots next year.”

McConnell easily slips out of answering questions he knows he can’t answer honestly, either with a pivot or a declaration that today is a “Trump-free day”. It seems every day is a “Trump-free day” for down-ticket Republicans who are asked about their party leader.

McConnell wouldn’t attach the down-ticket situation to Trump, and it’s true that Republicans were already playing defense in the Senate. But certainly Donald Trump is making things harder for Republican Senators. McConnell might not see it, but he actually aided Donald Trump’s rise with his blockade of Obama’s SCOTUS nominee.

McConnell gambled everything on being an obstructionist even when the person he was obstructing was a universally respected, nonpartisan, ethical judge. McConnell has been playing the obstructionist to Obama for almost 8 years now, marking the Republican Party’s descent into your basic trolls of all action needed to be taken to save the economy or help people — simply to get Obama.

That’s how Republicans ended up with Trump. That and lacking any kind of principle or value, as obvious in McConnell being willing to still endorse Donald Trump even after he has made it pretty clear that he is unstable and even Republicans don’t trust him anywhere near the red button.

This kind of cowardice is why Republicans have Trump as their leader.

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