Former Reagan/Bush Ambassador Calls Trump Incompetent As Republicans Flock To Clinton

Former Ambassador Robert H. Tuttle who served in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations called Donald Trump unqualified and not competent while endorsing Hillary Clinton.

In a statement, former Ambassador Tuttle said, “The Republican nominee for President has no government experience and has done nothing in his career to demonstrate that he is competent to be President. He has made repeated misstatements and inaccurate statements. He has insulted minorities, women, a war hero and Gold Star parents. He is unqualified and unfit to be President. “I have never voted for a Democrat but I will vote for Secretary Clinton.”

The statements of support from Republicans that Clinton is gathering serve a dual purpose. The Republicans who are speaking out against Trump are helping the Clinton campaign make the argument that the questions about the Republican nominee’s fitness and competence cut across party lines. There are also plenty of Republicans who think that Donald Trump is unqualified to be president. There are many Republicans who are troubled by Trump’s behavior.

Their support of Hillary Clinton isn’t based on the Democratic nominee’s policies, but a great amount of the support is coming from a feeling that Trump must be stopped at all costs. Republicans might not agree with Clinton on policy, but they understand that she will be a stable and trustworthy hand on the levers of power in the White House. The same can’t be said for Donald Trump.

Republicans who care about their country are joining with Democrats to stop Donald Trump by supporting Hillary Clinton. As Trump’s erratic behavior continues, it is expected that more Republicans will support Hillary Clinton.

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