Trump Just Admitted That If He Doesn’t Win Pennsylvania, He Will Lose The Election


Donald Trump admitted to an audience in Erie, PA that he needs to win Pennsylvania, or he will lose the presidential election.



Trump said, “We have empty plants. I saw it up in New York state. I saw it in Pennsylvania. You were great to me you voted a big victory for Donald Trump. I assumed I would. I mean if I don’t win Pennsylvania…”

Every once in a while, the truth slips out of Donald Trump’s constantly moving mouth. Four new swing state polls of Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado all have Donald Trump losing to Hillary Clinton.

The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump by an average of 9.2 points in the Keystone State. Somewhere in that dark little corner of Donald Trump’s mind where the truth fights a daily battle for existence, the Republican nominee knows that he is losing.

As Colorado and Virginia look more unwinnable by the day, Donald Trump needs Pennsylvania. However, there is no little evidence that he will be able to swing the state into the Republican column.

Yesterday, Trump admitted that he has a problem with Republican voters in Utah. Today, the GOP’s nominee admitted that he needs to win Pennsylvania. The talk of winning everywhere has vanished, although he still talks about winning all the time, as even Donald Trump understands that he is losing this election.