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Trump Has Gone So Crazy That His Own Campaign Has No Idea What He’s Talking About

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:01 pm

Donald Trump has gone so crazy that even his own campaign can’t explain what he is talking about. Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson aimlessly flailed around an MSNBC interview when she was asked if Trump was being sarcastic when he said that Obama founded ISIS.


Kristen Welker asked Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson if Trump was being sarcastic about Obama founding ISIS.

Her answer was, “Yes and no.”

Pierson tried to compare Trump’s comments to Clinton joking that she knew so little about computers that she thought you wiped a hard drive with a cloth.

Welker zoomed right back in, “Katrina, I’m going to stop you. The answer can’t be both yes and no.”

Pierson said that Trump was being sarcastic, but he was being very serious when he talked about what happened and why ISIS was here today. Pierson claimed that Trump was not saying that Obama personally went to the Middle East and filled out the paperwork and created ISIS.

Welker brought up Trump telling Hugh Hewitt that he was being literal.

Pierson tried to spin, but it was obvious that she was making up her own interpretation of what Trump meant as the interview went along.

Donald Trump has gone so far down the rabbit hole that his own campaign has no idea what he is talking about.

Here is how the latest Trump mess has gone down:

1). Trump claimed Obama founded ISIS.

2). Trump said he was only being sarcastic.

3). Later the same day, Trump reverses himself and claims that he really wasn’t being sarcastic.

Donald Trump’s own campaign can’t explain their candidate’s out of control behavior. Trump has gone far off the rails that there is no clean up possible.

What we are witnessing is a candidate who is so uncontrollable that he has gone rogue on his own campaign.

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