Trump Furiously Back Pedals And Claims He Was Joking About Obama Founding ISIS

After being filleted for his obvious lie that President Obama founded ISIS, Donald Trump is now claiming that his lie was a joke.

Trump went on a Twitter rampage to try to cover his lie with new falsehoods:

Donald Trump is pulling a page out of the Rush Limbaugh handbook. Back when Limbaugh still mattered, the talk radio host would get in hot water for something, and try to get out of it by proclaiming that he was only tweaking the media.

Trump lied. He was called out on his lie, by everyone but the conservative media, so the Republican nominee’s only remaining play was to say just kidding, and then tweet about how smart he is. Trump isn’t hard to figure out. He is a pathological liar with no concern for truth.

Trump thought that labeling Obama and Clinton the founders of ISIS would be his next election changing slogan, but his lie backfired on him as soon as the words left his mouth.

The Republican nominee repeated the lie about a half of a dozen times in an attempt to get it to stick. When it failed, he claimed that he was being sarcastic and tried to move on.

Trump’s gimmicks aren’t working, and what is clear is that he is on the verge of being routed in this presidential election.

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