Katrina Pierson Claims Barack Obama Invaded Afghanistan ‘Creating Another Problem’

Already infamous for her tenuous grasp on reality, Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson went on CNN this morning and told Victor Blackwell,

“Remember, we weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”

No. No, we don’t remember that at all. President Bush invaded Afghanistan in 2001, in response to the 9/11 attacks. Barack Obama did not become president until 2009. When Bush invaded Afghanistan, Obama was an Illinois State Senator.

Take a peek if you have the stomach for it:

Like the rest of us, Blackwell, who does inhabit our shared reality, asked,

“You’re saying Barack Obama took the country into Afghanistan post-2009?”

Pierson responded, “That was Obama’s war, yes.”

Oh boy.

We are used to a reconstructed history from Republicans, like Obama being blamed for 9/11 or the response to Katrina, but if Trump wants support from anybody but right wing crazies, he and his spokespersons (and rapidly diminishing number of apologists) are going to have to do better than this.

When a Trump adviser said recently of Pierson’s fact-free interviews, “I think we’re fixing it, I guarantee you that won’t happen again with her, that’s for sure.”

Yeah. I think that conversation hasn’t taken place yet.