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Trump Now Recruiting Volunteers, Raising Money Off Dangerous Election ‘Rigging’ Claims

Donald Trump took his dangerous “rigged” election claim to new heights on Saturday by adding a page to his website asking his supporters to “Help Me Stop Crooked Hillary From Rigging This Election!”

The page asks voters to become a “Trump Election Observes” by filling out a form with their voter registration info.

According to reporting by NBC News:

A link on his page — that directs participants to donate — rewards registrants with an email that promises to “do everything we are legally allowed to do to stop crooked Hillary from rigging this election.”

The call to action comes less than 24 hours after Trump said Democratic rival Hilly Clinton couldn’t win in Pennsylvania unless she cheats and just days after he began inserting voter identification riffs heavily into his stump speech.

The move to take his controversial “rigging” comments further comes after Trump told a Pennsylvania audience yesterday that law enforcement officers might have to go to “certain areas” – i.e. Philadelphia – to make sure people aren’t committing voter fraud.

The Republican nominee has repeatedly said that some people “will vote 15 times” and, if he loses, the results will not be legitimate.

Like much of what Trump says, this is provably false as only 30-some cases of voter fraud have occurred between 2000 and 2014. A total of roughly 1 billion votes were cast in that time frame.

His supporters may be unwilling or unable to notice, but his new focus on questioning the upcoming election results is just an acknowledgement by Trump that he is preparing to lose, but unprepared to admit that he is to blame for that likely loss.

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