Trump Abandons White House Bid Instead Spends Day Urging Cancellation Of NY Times Subscriptions

With 85 days to go until the presidential election, Republican nominee Donald Trump and his campaign aren’t running for president. Instead, they are mounting a protest movement urging people to cancel their subscriptions to the New York Times.

Instead of spending the day running for president, this is what Donald Trump has been up to:

Trump has been ranting all day on Twitter with the low light being a threat to abolish the free press if he is elected president.

However, the insanity isn’t limited to 140 characters or less on social media.

Trump’s senior communications adviser, Jason Miller, went on CNN to urge people to cancel their subscriptions to The New York Times.


Transcript via CNN:

STELTER: Why did he say they were nonexistent? I found that to be on offensive.

MILLER: Well, clearly, some reporter, I’m not going to go after reporters by name or try to make this thing personal.

But clearly, someone is writing down and believing that they’re talking to someone. But the fact of the matter is these meetings didn’t happen. The entire description of this is garbage.

You ask if we’re going to have a retraction. I mean, look, I would urge people to cancel their subscription to the “New York Times” and just not give the paper any more credence if they’re going to pull nonsense like this.

Donald Trump has wasted a valuable day of the presidential campaign, abandoning his White House bid to lead a protest movement against The New York Times, because he is angry over a story that they published.

Trump’s behavior confirms that The Times report was correct. Donald Trump isn’t interested in leading the Republican Party, politics, or policy. The Republican nominee is a man who is obsessed with publicity and his media coverage.

Trump is spiraling out of control, and his decision to protest the media instead of campaigning is just one example of why the odds against a Trump victory in November appear to be growing by the day.