Trump Melts Down And Blames The Media For The Fact That He Is Losing To Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump can’t handle the fact that he is losing to Hillary Clinton, and he is blaming the media for his unpopularity in the polls.

Trump tweeted:

What Trump isn’t telling his supporters about the cameras at his rallies is that he controls where the cameras are positioned. A report in March of 2016 confirmed that the Trump campaign dictates the specific details of where the cameras are placed at his rallies. It is Donald Trump who has insisted that the crowds not be shown and that the cameras be focused on the stage and him at all times.

Trump is supposed to be an expert deal maker, but after negotiating a bad deal for himself, he has chosen to lie, and misrepresent the facts.

The Republican nominee has never had high approval ratings with the American people. Before he won the Republican nomination. polls suggested that Trump would be the most unpopular nominee in US political history. Instead of getting more popular as the campaign goes on, Donald Trump is getting less popular.

His declining popularity has nothing to do with media coverage.

Trump doesn’t understand that the primary is different from the general election. The Republican nominee has refused to change his tone to appeal to the general electorate. Donald Trump is still running the same campaign that won him the Republican nomination, and he doesn’t get why he is being beaten by Hillary Clinton.

The broader electoral market isn’t buying Donald Trump’s product. The media isn’t ruining Trump’s campaign. The only person responsible for Trump’s growing failure as the Republican nominee is Donald J. Trump.