Jaws Drop As Poll Shows Trump Could Lose His Own Running Mate’s State Of Indiana

Donald Trump’s campaign is faring so poorly that new internal polling revealed that Hillary Clinton is tied with Trump in his own running mate’s home state of Indiana.

Howey Politics Indiana reported on an internal Democratic poll that shows how deep the Trump caused GOP devastation could go, “An internal poll for Democrat gubernatorial nominee John Gregg not only had him leading Holcomb 46-39%, but showed that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied in Indiana at 44%. Granted this was a partisan poll, but the Holcomb head-to-head with Gregg could actually be seen as a silver lining, since Holcomb has yet to mount a consistent statewide TV campaign. The Holcomb/Gregg head-to-heads are consistent with internal GOP polls HPI is aware of.”

Thanks to Trump, Republicans may not only lose the state where Trump’s running mate current Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is serving, but they may also lose the office that Pence currently occupies.

President Obama did win Indiana in 2008, but John McCain’s running mate wasn’t from the state. The fact is that Indiana was viewed by many in the national media as a lock for Trump before he chose/was forced to add Pence to his ticket. If Trump ends up losing the state with Pence, it would be a defeat larger and more embarrassing than Mitt Romney losing Wisconsin with Paul Ryan on the ticket in 2012. Wisconsin hasn’t gone Republican since the state voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984.

Before Obama won the state, Indiana had not supported the Democratic nominee since 1964. A Trump loss with the sitting governor of the state on the ticket would be a devastating embarrassment. However, a May poll of the Hoosier State revealed that Trump held a 7 point lead on Clinton. Outside of adding Pence to the campaign, Trump has done nothing but self-destruct on a nearly daily basis.

The poll was a Democratic poll, but there is no evidence to suggest that Trump is running away with the state.

Given the current condition of the Trump campaign, it isn’t hard to believe that the race could be close in Indiana.