Joe Biden Just Drove A Stake Through The Heart Of Donald Trump With One Sentence

Vice President Joe Biden drove a stake through the heart of the myth that Donald Trump cares about the middle class with a single sentence while campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Scranton, PA.

Biden said:

What really bothers me most about Donald Trump is his cynicism is unbounded. I really mean this. This of this for a minute, because you are all raised in this area with different ethnicities, different religions, different backgrounds, but there’s one thing I’ve noticed all the years I’ve spent and I’ve always always come home. And that is, the way you were raised. If you’ve ever showed a lack of empathy for someone in trouble. If ever summed up thought that the phrase that he’s most proud of you’re fired.

I really mean this. Maybe it’s just me, but think about what your mother or father or your grandfather or grandmother would have said to you. Think about everything you learned as a child. I really mean this. No matter where you were raised. How could there be pleasure in division and you’re fired. And he’s trying to tell us he cares about the middle-class. Give me a break. To repeat myself what a bunch of malarkey. It makes no sense.

It was one sentence that ended with the thought that the phrase that Donald Trump is most proud of in his life is you’re fired.

There are thousands of factual arguments that can be made against Donald Trump, but the most powerful argument that is resonating with voters from Democrats is moral. There is something immoral and wrong about Donald Trump’s view of who America is and what the nation should be.

Vice President Biden painted a picture of Donald Trump as a man who lacks the basic moral character to lead the country. It is true that Trump knows nothing. It is also true that Trump doesn’t care that he is unqualified and knows nothing. Trump’s proud touting of his ignorance is a danger to the country, but Joe Biden, the blue collar guy for Scranton, destroyed the myth of Donald Trump blue collar billionaire by pointing out that Trump’s blood runs blue, and his values aren’t middle class.