The Reviews Are In: Trump ISIS Speech Was Full Of Lies And Gibberish That Made No Sense


The consensus among non-partisan observers is that the speech that Donald Trump gave about ISIS was so full of lies, inconsistencies, and gibberish that it made no sense.

Politico hit Trump for repeating his lie about always opposing the Iraq war, “Donald Trump on Monday once again repeated his long-debunked claim that he opposed the Iraq War from the beginning — an attempt to draw a contrast with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who voted for the war. But like much else in Trump’s foreign policy speech in Youngstown, Ohio, his portrayal of his record on the Iraq War doesn’t quite square with the facts. The Republican presidential nominee cited two interviews in which he expressed skepticism about the war but failed to mention a 2002 interview with radio host Howard Stern, who asked him if he supported a U.S. invasion.”

The New York Times reminded all that it was George W. Bush, not Obama, who engaged in nation building, “While Mr. Miller said that under a President Trump, the United States would continue to spread a message of promoting a “better way of life” in countries with oppressive governments that foster the Islamic State, he argued there was a distinction between that and “nation building,” which he associated with Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton. Yet it was President George W. Bush, who opposed such nation building in his 2000 presidential campaign, who became most identified with it in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mr. Obama, preparing for his re-election effort in June 2011, announced the withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan in a speech in which he said, “America, it is time to focus on nation-building here at home.”


CBS News noted that all of Trump’s proposals to stop the spread of ISIS were already being used by the Obama administration, “To prevent the spread of radical Islamic terrorism, Trump suggested he would not push for regime change as president, and he would disrupt terrorists’ activities online to recruit and promote their propaganda and he would work coordinate with other countries interested in destroying the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). All of these proposals are already policies that the Obama administration has been pursuing.”

Trump biggest problem, according to NBC News was that his speech was full of contradictions and lies, “But setting aside the debate over that rhetoric, which he did not repeat in his speech, the national security framework he described was so contradictory and filled with so many obvious falsehoods that it’s virtually impossible to tell what he would do as president.”

Trump’s speech was full of words read off of a teleprompter with really low energy, but what was missing was a coherent policy to deal with terrorism and ISIS. Republicans are so busy trying to convince America that Donald Trump can look the part of a president that they are hoping that nobody notices that even when chained to a written text, Donald Trump never says anything that makes the slightest bit of sense.

Donald Trump’s speech was a pile gibberish held together by a string of lies that when looked at in total revealed a picture of an unqualified presidential nominee. Trump isn’t learning. His campaign isn’t getting any better.

Voters aren’t going to vote for the pig, no matter how much lipstick the GOP slaps on him between now and Election Day.

The Donald Trump as Republican nominee experiment has been a total failure.