Trump Campaign Hits A New Level Of Crazy With Claim Of Reporters Beating Trump Supporters

The Trump campaign took their crazy to a whole new level with a claim that reporters are literally beating Trump supporters.


During an interview on Fox Business, Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson said, “Voters want someone who is going to fight back because they are tired of seeing left wing reporters literally beat Trump supporters into submission into supporting policies they agree with to shut them down, and that’s not what they are doing in this campaign, so this is just simply Mr. Trump fighting back.”

There are zero documented incidents of reporters literally beating Trump supporters. Literally beating means that reporters are physically assaulting Trump supporters, which is not happening. What is happening is that Trump is provoking attacks on the media at every single one of his rallies.

The Trump campaign has completely lost its collective mind and is no longer running a race for the White House. Donald Trump has declared war on the media. Trump is blaming the media for the fact that he is getting beaten in the polls by Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee is not taking responsibility for the fact that he is the most unpopular presidential nominee in the history of modern American political polling.

The order to attack the press is coming from the top of the campaign, as Trump has hit a new level of crazy that is ignoring Hillary Clinton in favor of attacking the press.