The FBI Warns Desperate House Republicans Not To Leak Clinton Email Interview

House Republicans are have gotten the FBI’s notes from their interview with Hillary Clinton about her email server, but law enforcement is already warning the GOP not to leak any of the information in the notes.

Here is the FBI statement:

As Donald Trump slides into oblivion and takes the Republican Party with him, the GOP-controlled House Oversight Committee is trying to revive the Clinton email scandal. House Republicans are trying to build a case for the Democratic nominee to be charged with perjury, but everyone understands what is really happening.

The ranking Democratic on the House Oversight Committee Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a statement, “The FBI already determined unanimously that there is insufficient evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Republicans are now investigating the investigator in a desperate attempt to resuscitate this issue, keep it in the headlines, and distract from Donald Trump’s sagging poll numbers.”

Any Republican who leaks classified information from the FBI’s notes could face criminal prosecution. The fact that the FBI had to remind House Republicans not to leak all but confirms that the Republicans intend to use the information as the basis for a partisan attack against Hillary Clinton.

According to the FBI, there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton had any knowledge of, or ever intended to send classified information over her email system.

Trump is crashing and burning, so Republicans have returned to beating the dead email horse. The email story is all that Republicans have, but they better be careful. If House Republicans leak, they could be facing a world of problems with the FBI.