Republicans Rocked By Revelation That Trump Supporters Aren’t Registered And Don’t Vote

Donald Trump touts the size of the crowds at his rallies as proof of his campaign’s success, but some of the people attending Trump’s rallies aren’t registered and don’t intend to vote in November.

A common talking point of the Trump campaign is that the size of their rally crowds will translate into votes.

On Sunday, Donald Trump tweeted:

However, The New York Times reported that some Trump supporters aren’t planning on voting:
Mr. Trump has pointed to the usually large numbers of people at his rallies, and their evident enthusiasm, as signs of strong support that will translate into energetic early voters. But during the Republican primaries, some Trump admirers at his rallies admitted they were not registered and had no plans to vote, and Trump advisers say that their voter registration efforts have been relatively modest.

Mrs. Clinton, by contrast, urges people at her rallies to register to vote, pointing them to clipboard-carrying volunteers who have forms to dispense and details about when, where and how to cast ballots.

It is a matter of organization. Hillary Clinton’s events always include voter registration efforts. Clinton events have been known to have booths outside and inside the venue to register voters. As The Times pointed out, the Democratic nominee has a team of volunteers at her rallies ready to register voters.

Donald Trump has nothing.

Trump’s campaign doesn’t have a get out the vote effort. It is like Trump just assumes that the voters will watch him on television then magically show up at the polls on Election Day.

It doesn’t work that way.

The celebrity factor plays a big part in Trump’s crowd size, but some of the people who show up for the Trump spectacle have no intention of voting for the Republican nominee in November. What’s even worse is that Trump has no mechanism in place to convert those attendees into voters.

Donald Trump got the Republican nomination with a smoke and mirrors campaign, but it turns out that some in his crowds have no intention of voting for president in the fall.

With each passing day, it is becoming clear that the Trump campaign is sham whose sole purpose is to nourish the ego of Donald J. Trump.