Trump And His Traveling Clown Show Campaign In Wisconsin, A State He Will Lose

Donald Trump traveled to Wisconsin on Tuesday to read another teleprompter speech – likely written by his handlers – on the topic of law and order.

The event was originally scheduled to be a rally, but a last-minute change by the Trump campaign turned it into a “major policy speech.”

Live video:

As a result of the recent turmoil in Milwaukee, it would be political suicide to send Trump into such unrest without a script to stick to. After all, he does have a habit of inciting violence and throwing gasoline on already raging wildfires.

But Trump isn’t alone in his travels.

According to reporting from Ali Vitali, Trump isn’t traveling alone in his pointless trip to the Badger State:

Another question comes to mind when thinking about Trump’s trip to Wisconsin: Why?

The latest polling shows Trump losing to Clinton in the state by an average of 10 points. Trump lost soundly in Wisconsin to Ted Cruz during the primary season.

Like his recent trip to Connecticut, Donald Trump’s event in Wisconsin is a fool’s errand. And it comes as more important swing states – Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, etc. – are slipping away.

In Wisconsin, Trump may promise to be the law and order candidate, but he can’t even restore order in his own presidential campaign.