Even Trump’s “Benghazi mom” Speechwriter May Vote for Hillary Clinton

He’s a lifelong Republican and he even wrote the speech for “Benghazi mom” Patricia Smith for the Republican convention in Cleveland.

His name is Richard J. Cross, III and he may vote for Hillary Clinton because “the only prospect more terrifying than voting for Hillary Clinton is not voting for her.”

Writing in the Baltimore Sun, Cross explains that just weeks after the convention, and despite what he wrote about Hillary Clinton for Patricia Smith to read out loud, “I may yet have to vote for her because of the epic deficiencies of my own party’s nominee.”

Cross says he can’t disagree with President Obama when he criticizes Donald Trump.

Cross has major issues with Hillary Clinton. I mean he really doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. But his bottom line is, “I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I could never vote for Donald Trump.”

Not wanting to throw away his vote, Cross writes, “… (T)his is a citizenship election similar to others we have had in our history. This is a time to stand up and be counted — just like supporters of the civil rights movement once chose to do.”

So while he doesn’t support Hillary Clinton, the lifelong Republican believes this is a time to stand for the right side of history. Chillingly, he writes, “(T)he only prospect more terrifying than voting for Hillary Clinton is not voting for her.”

Donald Trump is a candidate so frightening that 123 Republicans written to the RNC leadership to beg them to stop funneling money to Trump and Republican national security experts wrote a letter expressing their deep trepidation that Donald Trump is not fit and must not get into office. These are people who know all about the immense power the office of the presidency holds. They don’t want the red button in Donald Trump’s fingers.

And now even a guy who wrote the speech that Patricia Smith gave at the RNC, a speech dripping in hatred and contempt for Hillary Clinton, even he is deeply considering voting for her. Because to not vote for her, to throw his vote away on the Libertarian candidate, is to not stand up and be counted against Donald Trump.

Watch the speech Cross wrote for Patricia Smith: