Bryan Fischer Wants to Ban Muslims Who Visit Mecca

No doubt inspired by the success of Donald Trump among fellow right wing nut-jobs and his call for “extreme vetting” of Muslim immigrants, Bryan Fischer wants to tighten up access to these shores. Apparently, visiting pilgrimage sites is only okay if you’re a Christian, at least according to Fischer, reveals PFAW’s Right Wing Watch.

He has come forth now to tell us that to answer wrongly to any of these nine questions should get you banned from the United States if you’re a Muslim:

  1. Do you believe in Israel’s right to exist?
  2. Do you renounce all Palestinian acts of terror against Israel and Israelis?
  3. Do you believe the 9/11 attack was carried out by Muslims or by Jews?
  4. Do you believe the Holocaust occurred?
  5. Have you made the pilgrimage to Mecca?
  6. Do you support legal punishment for those who leave the Islamic faith?
  7. Do you want the United States one day to be governed by Sharia law?
  8. Are you willing to give up any right to have Muslim holidays on school calendars and halal food in school cafeterias and prisons?
  9. Do you believe anyone who creates an image of Muhammad should be punished?

Take a listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


And you have to be strapped to a polygraph machine, says Fischer.

“I tried to devise these questions, to make it virtually impossible for a Muslim to resort to taqiyya … I think these questions ought to be administered with a polygraph machine, frankly. I think that anyone that’s from a Muslim country that wants to immigrate to the United States, they not only should ask these questions, they should do it hooked up to a polygraph machine.”


Forget Joe McCarthy. We’ve arrived at the Spanish Inquisition.


Supposedly, it’s okay to lie to get what you want when you’re Muslim – Fischer’s reference to “taqiyya” – but as we’ve seen this is only something that is okay for right wing Christians. As for Muslims, it’s okay to lie about your religion to preserve your life if threatened, as both Muslims and Jews have had to do in the past when facing persecution. It is not okay to lie to achieve your goals, as Fischer claims.

So far Trump has failed to jump at the chance to implement Fischer’s plan, but there is still time.