Trump Campaign Sinks Even Lower By Claiming That Hillary Clinton Has Brain Damage

The new version of Trump’s campaign was on full display on MSNBC as Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson claimed that Hillary Clinton couldn’t be president because she has brain damage.

Pierson was asked by MSNBC’s Kristen Welker about the questions that Trump has raised about Sec. Clinton’s health.

Pierson answered, “Yes. He has said that she doesn’t have the strength or the stamina for a very long time. That part is nothing new. What’s new are the other reports of the observations of Hillary Clinton’s behavior and mannerisms. Specifically, with what you just showed in those previous clips as well as her dysphasia. The fact that she’s fallen. She has had a concussion.”

Kristen Welker read the statement from Clinton’s doctor debunking the fake Clinton medical documents and reaffirming Clinton’s good health. Welker said that these health questions have been debunked, and asked if that was responsible behavior?

The worst spokesperson in history (Pierson) continued by claiming that Clinton has taken a lot of time off of the campaign trail and that she hasn’t held a press conference.

The Trump campaign has now become a suicide mission.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be trying to win the White House anymore. Instead, the GOP nominee seems intent on blowing up everything in his path from now until November.

The claim that Hillary Clinton has brain damage is insane. Any Republican that continues to support Donald Trump while his spokesperson is going on national television making these crazy claims deserves to be tarnished with his campaign’s insanity.

Not only were Pierson’s claims false and nuts, but they were wildly irresponsible. What is is clear is that Donald Trump is still looking for that distraction that will take the Clinton campaign off of their game and turn the presidential election into the sort of rumor-filled tabloid style mud fest that Trump is comfortable with.

The remaining eighty plus days of the presidential campaign are going to be consumed by lies and conspiracies. This is the path that Trump has chosen for the Republican Party, and by the time that he is done, there may not be much of a Republican Party left to rebuild.