Trump Shows Why He Gets 1% African-American Support By Giving The Worst Pitch In History

Donald Trump tried to woo African-American voters in Charlotte with one of the worst candidate pitches ever. Trump told African-American voters to vote for him, because what have they got to lose.


Trump promised to bring our country together and said:

We’re going to reject bigotry, and I will tell you the bigotry of Hillary Clinton is amazing. She sees communities of color only as votes and not as human beings worthy of a better future. It’s only votes. It is only votes that she sees, and she does nothing about it. She’s been there forever and look at where you are.

If African-American voters give Donald Trump a chance by giving me their vote. The result for them will be amazing. Look how badly things are going under decades of Democratic leadership. Look at the schools. Look at the poverty. Look at the 58% of young African-Americans not working. Fifty-eight percent. It is time for a change. What do you have to lose by trying something new? I will fix it. Watch, I will fix it. You have nothing to lose. You have nothing to lose.
What made Trump’s pitch so awful was that he was saying to African-American voters, eh, why not vote for Trump? That is not exactly an inspirational appeal to a group of critical voters that the candidate has completely ignored.

Donald Trump has turned down invitations to speak to the NAACP and the National Urban League multiple times, but he wants the votes of African-Americans.

Trump is a bad candidate with limited appeal, but his pitch to African-American was so empty and lacking in sincerity that it left listeners with one answer in mind to Trump’s question.

What do African-American voters have to lose by voting for Trump?