Trump Just Stabbed His Own Supporters In The Back By Apologizing For Using Painful Words

Donald Trump may have alienated his few remaining supporters by saying that he regrets using words that hurt people during his presidential campaign.


Trump said:


While claiming that he is not politically correct, Donald Trump just apologized for using painful words that may have hurt people. Shortly after this near-apology, Trump promised to build a wall to keep Mexicans from coming into the United States.

Donald Trump is spinning himself in circles. Apparently, the almost apology was designed to get people to forget all of the vile statements that he has made during the presidential campaign.

The problem is that those statements and the lack of “political correctness” on Trump’s part were the reasons most often given by his supporters for liking him.

To recap, Trump is losing with every demographic group of voters with the exception of seniors and white male conservatives. Both of the groups that were still supporting him loved Trump’s racist and sexist talk. Now Trump is telling that he is sorry for using painful words, which means that the people supporting him have just lost the main reason that they liked him in the first place.

Donald Trump just tried to become another ordinary politician, even while he is claiming that he isn’t a politician, and in the process, he may have destroyed the last little bit of support remaining for him in the Republican Party.