61% Of Texas Trump Voters Threaten To Secede If Hillary Clinton Wins The White House

Donald Trump’s supporters in Texas want to secede from the United States if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election.

PPP’s latest poll of Texas found that Trump supporters want out if Clinton wins, “Finally we polled on Texas secession. Overall 26% of voters would support leaving the United States to 59% who want to stay, and 15% who aren’t sure either way. Among Trump voters support for secession goes up to 37%, with only 49% opposed to exiting. If you look at the Presidential race in Texas only among voters who are opposed to seceding from the United State, Clinton leads Trump 54/41. But that’s offset by Trump’s 72/20 advantage with the secession crowd. If Clinton is elected President this fall, the Trump voters really want out- in that case 61% say they’d support seceding from the United States, to only 29% who would stick around.”

The Trump supporters don’t represent the feelings of the entire state of Texas. In fact, the secede and stay numbers are reversed when the entire population of the state is surveyed.

What these results demonstrate is that even within a Republican Party that has shifted rightward and out of step with the mainstream of the country, the Trump supporters are an extremist fringe.

It might be a win-win for the state of Texas and the rest of the country if the Lone Star state’s Trump supporters got their way. Hillary Clinton can be president, and the United States could get rid of 61% of Donald Trump’s suppporters in Texas.

The Trump supporters who are in favor of leaving the United States probably don’t understand how difficult the process of secession is. To them, it just sounds like a cool thing to say. The odds are that if Clinton wins, the 61% of Trump supporters will be planted in front of their televisions for the next four years, ranting about how the country is heading for ruin as they watch Fox News.

It is a nice thought, but sadly it looks like Texas and the United States of America are stuck with Donald Trump’s supporters.