Things Are So Bad For Republicans That Even Trump’s Tweets Are Backfiring On Them

As his presidential campaign burns, even Donald Trump’s tweets are backfiring on the Republican nominee.

First Trump tweeted:

However, it turns out that Hillary Clinton wasn’t sleeping:

Clinton was at dinner with her husband celebrating his 70th birthday. She was doing something that seems completely unfamiliar to Trump. She was spending time with family in a social way.

Trump was hammered on social media for such a ridiculous tweet, but things got even worse for the Republican nominee when he tried to pass off an increase in Twitter followers as a sign that he is really winning the election.

Trump tweeted a supporters tweet that the campaign has momentum because they are gaining Twitter followers:

It is easy to spot tweets from Trump himself because never retweets. Trump always quotes the tweet and sends it out as a new tweet.

Trump thought he could win the White House by going on television and tweeting a lot, but it turns out that voters prefer a candidate for president who can behave like a civilized human being. The wheels have fallen off the Trump campaign faster than some expected, and the situation has gotten so bad that even his tweets are backfiring.

The only way Republicans survive this election is if they hide Donald Trump and don’t let him tweet from now until Election Day.