Bernie Sanders rally in Reading

Bernie Sanders And His Big Rallies Are Returning To Put The Final Nail In Trump’s Coffin

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:04 pm

The big Bernie rallies are returning, but this time, Sen. Sanders will be campaigning in swing states to get Hillary Clinton elected president.

According to The Washington Post:

Sanders, who endorsed Clinton last month, ticked off a list of states that he is likely to hit in coming weeks, including some where he won primaries and caucuses (New Hampshire, Maine, Michigan and Wisconsin) and some where he fell short but ran strongly among key segments of the electorate (Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada).


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Sanders said that during some of those visits he will also campaign on behalf of Democratic Senate candidates, including Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania, Ted Strickland in Ohio and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire. He is also planning to campaign for other progressive down-ballot candidates, he said.

Bernie Sanders is staying true to his word that he is going to do everything he can to get Hillary Clinton elected. Sen. Sanders also said that he plans on campaigning for progressive candidates around the country as well as his work for Clinton and the Senate Democrats.

It is a smart move by both the Clinton campaign and Sen. Sanders to harness the energy of his rallies as the next step towards integrating Sanders supporters and their ideas into the Democratic Party. The Democratic platform has shown that Democrats are serious about welcoming Sanders supporters into the party. With Sen. Sanders transitioning his presidential campaign into a broader progressive movement, the return of the big rallies will not only help Hillary Clinton but also help Sanders keep the momentum going forward on his agenda as well.

Sen. Sanders can be a great help to both Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the fall. His rallies were bigger and better than Trump’s events.

As if Donald Trump didn’t have enough problems, Sen. Sanders is hitting the campaign trail in the fall to get Hillary Clinton elected president and give Democrats back control of the United States Senate.

The Democratic primary had its moments, but Sanders and Clinton are demonstrating the sort of cooperation and unity that is non-existent in the Republican Party.

Togetherness is why Democrats find themselves in a great position to win in November.

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