CNN Loses All Credibility As Documents Show Corey Lewandowski Is Still On Trump’s Payroll

In an obvious conflict of interest, CNN “employee” Corey Lewandowski was paid $20,000 for consulting by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in July.

Matt Viser of the Boston Globe tweeted proof that Lewandowski was still on Trump’s payroll after he joined CNN on June 23:

Supposedly, Lewandowski was no longer a Trump employee when CNN hired him, but why was he still being paid for consulting work after he was supposedly fired from the Trump campaign?

The most likely answer is that while Corey Lewandowski the campaign manager was fired, Corey Lewandowski the political consultant was not. The Trump campaign has an employee who was still on the payroll embedded with an American news network as a political analyst.

The fact that this arrangement doesn’t bother CNN executives sends a dangerous signal for journalism. CNN no longer seems to care about its credibility. They were one of the first networks to buy into the myth that Trump is a ratings draw, and they have endlessly beaten the drum of Trump coverage.

In recent weeks, some CNN on-air talent looked extremely uncomfortable with the fact that paid employees from Trump’s campaign are also being paid by the network under the pretense of providing objective political analysis.

Trump complains about Twitter on CNN, but the truth is that he has his own paid mouthpiece on their airwaves thanks to the network’s credibility destroying Lewandowski hire.

CNN used to be the most trusted name in news, but the Lewandowski situation should leave viewers doubting the network’s intentions.