Here’s Why Trump Is Losing: Broke Billionaire Spent 4 Times More On Hats Than Staff

While Hillary Clinton and Democrats are actively organizing to get out voters in every state, Trump is spending more money on hats and merchandise than on staff and field organization.

Politico reported:
Meanwhile, spending on the 84-person staff and field organizing barely increased from the previous month, to just $392,000 and $432,000, respectively. The campaign dropped much more — $1.8 million — on hats and other merchandise.

By comparison, the Clinton campaign in July spent $2.9 million on its 703-person payroll and $25.8 million on media.

It is easy to see why Trump is losing in nearly every battleground state and at risk of losing in traditional Republican strongholds. Donald Trump isn’t running a real presidential campaign. While Clinton is spending millions on staff, Trump is spending millions on hats and t-shirts. Trump seems to believe that lots of hats and television appearances are all that it will take to win the White House.

Trump is badly underperforming with Republican voters (79%), so his solution is to buy more hats.

Trump is losing because he is not building a campaign operation to get votes out to the polls. Unlike Democrats, it seems that Trump has no data operation to target voters who may support him. Trump’s idea is that he holds rallies, goes on TV, sells some hats, and wins the White House.

Republicans are facing a potential blowout loss because Donald Trump is refusing to build a real presidential campaign.

Trump cares more about hats than getting out the vote, but at least if Republicans lose big in November, they can comfort themselves with a whole warehouse of Make America Great Again hats.