New Clinton Ad Uses Trump’s Own Words To Show Why He’s Too Insane To Be President

Hillary Clinton campaign ads have been blanketing swing states over the past several months, and most have focused on one of Donald Trump’s most devastating weaknesses: his big mouth.

They’ve been so effective that Trump himself has used his favorite forum, Twitter, to whine about them. Take, for example, this tweet he shot out last night:

The latest 30-second spot from Clinton is likely to make Trump cringe even more, as it uses something damning – his own words – to make the case for why he is too insane to be commander-in-chief.

He is so temperamentally unfit, the ad suggests, that he could cause another major war.


“In times of crisis, America depends on steady leadership, clear thinking, and calm judgment,” the ad’s narrator says, as clips of Trump mouthing off are woven throughout. “Because all it takes is one wrong move.”

The ad concludes with the words “Just One Wrong Move” displayed alongside sound effects of a launching missile.

The spot effectively portrays just how dangerous Donald Trump would be as commander-in-chief as he has repeatedly proposed reckless foreign policies, claims he knows more about ISIS than the generals, and says he gets his military advice from “the shows.”

The ad will likely be hitting the airwaves as part of the Clinton campaign’s announcement Monday that it has reserved $80 million in TV advertisements this fall in six key states – Ohio, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Iowa – and the Omaha region of Nebraska.

Trump continues to trail Clinton in virtually all of these battleground states, and the latest ad campaign isn’t likely to help his already dismal numbers.

Not on the list of states where Clinton plans to air ads between now and Election Day are Colorado and Virginia, where the Democratic nominee has such significant leads that she doesn’t need to waste resources there.