The Clinton Foundation Continues To Save Lives As Trump Calls For It To Be Shut Down

In Donald Trump’s latest desperate attempt to save his presidential campaign, he and his supporters are attacking a charity organization that has benefited millions of people around the globe: the Clinton Foundation.

This morning on ‘Fox and Friends’, Trump even called for the charity organization to be shut down and have the donations returned.


“Well, number one, they should shut it down,” Trump said in the phone interview. “Number two, they should give the money back to a lot of countries that we shouldn’t be taking and they shouldn’t be taking money from … I mean, that money should be — it should be given back. They should not take that money.”

“These are very greedy people,” Trump later added, referring to the Clintons.

In reality, the Clinton Foundation, to which the Clintons have donated millions of dollars, has spent years doing work that benefits people all across the globe.

In total, the organization has helped over 400 million people in nearly 200 countries, whether by providing easier access to life-saving HIV/AIDS drugs or helping children in America have healthier food options at school.

The Clintons, by the way, don’t make a single penny in profits from the group.

The foundation, which is now under attack because a failing presidential candidate is grasping at straws, is a charity that has done and continues to do important work. As I write, lives are being helped through its work.

What do we know about Donald Trump when it comes to his charitable contributions? Not much, since he refuses to release his tax returns.

But what we do know is that he has a habit of claiming to give to charity groups without actually doing so. We know that earlier this year he was essentially forced by the media to donate to veterans groups because he was caught in a lie.

The effort by Trump and his supporters to shut down the Clinton Foundation isn’t just a desperate political stunt; it could cost actual human lives.