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Trump Cancels Immigration Speech As Campaign Accelerates Fast Track Collapse

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:04 pm

Donald Trump has canceled plans to give an immigration speech in Colorado as his campaign speeds towards total collapse by managing to bungle their own immigration position.

The Denver Post reported on Trump’s change of plans:

Donald Trump is attending a fundraiser in Colorado on Thursday but will not make a speech on immigration, his campaign now says, despite national media reports announcing the event.

Lydia Blaha, a spokeswoman for Trump’s campaign in Colorado, said he will not hold an event in coordination with the fundraising trip, as first reported by Univision and other media outlets. The campaign was exploring a Denver-area location for the event, but later reversed course. The campaign told supporters in an email “the speech (Trump) was planning on giving is still being modified.”

Trump was going to give a speech on immigration, but now he isn’t because his recent shift on the issue has painted his campaign into a corner.

The Republican nominee squirmed when asked if he was flip-flopping during an interview on Fox News:

Trump said, “I’m not flip-flopping. We want to come up with one a really fair, but firm answer. That’s — it has to be very firm. But we want to come up with something fair.”

Donald Trump has never used the word fair to describe his immigration plan before. Trump canceled the immigration speech because he now has no immigration position.

Think about this. Trump’s only clear position had been that he was tough on immigration, but now he is canceling speeches on the issue because he doesn’t want to discuss it. The Trump campaign is in a state of collapse. They no longer have any issues that they can talk about, which means that from now until Election Day voters are going to hear nothing but attacks on Hillary Clinton coming from Trump.

Sure, Trump will still mouth his slogans like build the wall. The reality is that Donald Trump’s campaign looks completely directionless, and doesn’t even feel comfortable letting the candidate talk about immigration.

Somehow, things are getting even worse for Donald Trump.

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