Trump Threatens to Tell the ‘Real Story’ of Morning Joe and Mika


If you look at Morning Joe’s twitter feed, you find a lot of stuff Donald Trump might find, let’s say, uncongenial to his self-image, from tweets about his uninspiring poll numbers, to his failure to connect with the Hispanic community and African American voters.

Yes, Scarborough recently said he thinks Trump is only pretending to be a racist #$%hat, but even that must have struck Trump as a sort of backhanded compliment – and certainly not helpful with his outreach to white nationalists – and Scarborough had, after all, called on the GOP to remove Trump as its nominee.

Watching the show this morning, Trump had had enough, and took to twitter to express his displeasure as only Trump can.


Trump first sent this tweet:

And then followed it up with this:

Morning Joe was unfazed, playing along by tweeting back Trump Style:

He followed that up with this burner:


His string of responses culminated with a thank you:

Trump just has to be Trump. He can criticize and insult people all day long but can’t take any critiques in return without lashing out like a grade-schooler. Of course, Joe showed he can give as well. About the only thing you can count on at this point is not seeing Trump revisit the Morning Joe set.

The truly amazing thing is that Republicans, upset at every urbane utterance from President Obama – and remember how offended they were that Obama had words with Fox News? – now seem completely unfazed by this sort of childish tantrum from their candidate.